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Oxidation Systems understands that every site has unique characteristics that make it difficult to know if chemical oxidation will be effective at reducing the mass and concentration of contaminants. A well-planned and thoughtful investigative approach is the foundation of a successful project implementation. For pilot studies and other short-term requirements, Oxidation Systems has a fleet of ozone generators and other equipment available for weekly or monthly rental. Rely on our experience and easy-to-install ozone systems to help you properly launch your chemical application.


OSI offers a simple rental program with reasonable weekly and monthly rates. A rental agreement is required with proof of insurance. Our customers pay for shipping to and from our facility in Fall River, Massachusetts. The shipping time from our facility to your site and the return trip back to us does not count against the rental period – You only pay for the on site time. Discounts are provided for long-term lease periods.


Our trailer-mounted ozone generating systems are truly turnkey units. They include all equipment and controls necessary to produce ozone. All equipment is mounted in an enclosed trailer. One electrical connection and one piping connection are all that is required. More details.


OSI has skid-mounted ozone generating systems that include everything necessary for producing 2-1/2 pounds per day of high-concentration ozone. These units are ideal for conducting pilot studies, performing targeted source area remediation, or implementing cleanups at small sites. 


These skid-mounted units include the following equipment:

  • High concentration ozone generator (50 gr/hr, 2-1/2 lb/day);
  • Oxygen concentrator to produce 90% pure oxygen for ozone production;
  • Oilless air compressor to provide compressed air to oxygen unit;
  • Pressure gauges and flow meters to monitor the operation of the system;
  • Integrated control panel to operate and control all equipment and provide for system shutdown in the event of a malfunction.


A typical ozone generating system has the following specifications:

Ozone Output
            Concentration:       up to 10% wt/wt (4% at stated capacity)
            Flow Rate:             5 to 20 liters per minute
            Mass Output:        50 grams per hour (2-1/2 lb/day)

Weight:                              620 pounds

Process Connections:        Two (2) ball valves to connect to injection points
                                            ½” female NPT

Power Requirements:        230 VAC, 60 Hz, single-phase, 30 Amps

Air Compressor:                 5 HP reciprocating, 150 psi


These skid-mounted ozone generators must be installed inside an all-weather enclosure to protect them from rain, snow, and moisture. The ozone skid requires 115 volt, 30 Amp, single-phase, AC power. If a generator is used, a power conditioner is required to protect the ozone generator’s electronic circuitry.




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