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Oxidation Systems customers have access to a full range of support services, from custom product support documentation and resources for your equipment, to field technical resources available for start up assistance, to technical support training. Armed with extensive chemical oxidation experience, the service team at Oxidation Services can help you choose and implement the proper equipment you’ll need to reduce missteps and misfires common in many new chemical oxidation projects.


Oxidation Systems equipment is engineered to perform flawlessly–but if difficulties arise, Field Service is only a phone call away. Our carefully trained technical staff is ready to be dispatched to tackle your oxidation problem quickly and efficiently. Years of on-site troubleshooting have prepared us for just about any application challenges, and we’ll stake our reputation on our ability to solve yours.


Fast response with precise technical support has earned Oxidation Systems a reputation our competitors envy. User friendly, concise O&M manuals and trouble-shooting guides are downloadable from our extensive support website. And from basic product inquiries to complex applications challenges, you can expect fast, friendly assistance via telephone, fax, or e-mail. From Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm (EST) our comprehensive support network is available to help you meet your chemical oxidation objectives.


As every ozone application is unique, a thoughtful investigative approach is the foundation of successful project implementation. For pilot programs or other short-term requirements, Oxidation Systems has a fleet of ozone generators (with outputs ranging from 5 g/hr - to 300 g/hr.) available for short-term or monthly rental. Rely on our experience and easy-to-install generators to help you properly launch your ozone application.


We’ve built our reputation on impressive, reliable products and thorough product service. Oxidation Systems is committed to resolving your ozone concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our Technical Support Department is available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm, EST. Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail with questions regarding ozone production, your application, or to learn more about the use of our products. We don’t just sell oxidation equipment; we provide support, share knowledge, and create solutions.


Carefully review all product documentation, including disclosures, operational and safety information. Operating an ozone generator outside the recommended parameters may cause damage that is not covered under warranty. Read the complete Product Warranty in the Product User Guide.


Oxidation Systems warrants our equipment to be free from defects in parts and workmanship for one year. This warranty covers all components under normal use and proper operation. See complete warranty information online or in your user manual.


Our technical support website offers instant access to a vast library of chemical oxidation related information. We’ve compiled all of our experience, our entire product line, and a world of oxidation solutions in one user-friendly location. (Login required)

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