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The USEPA sponsored TechKnow Database recently highlighted the Oxidation Systems, Inc. Pulsed Ozone Sparging Process


Pulsed ozone sparging is a highly effective remedial technology for treating contaminated soil and groundwater in-situ. The process involves injecting high-concentration ozone gas into saturated soils to chemically oxidize VOCs, SVOCs, chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and other organic compounds.

A typical treatment system includes a compressed air supply, oxygen concentrator, corona discharge ozone generator, a manifold, and control system. Concentrated ozone gas is directed to the subsurface through a stainless steel manifold using either stainless steel piping or ozone-resistant tubing. Sparge wells are installed throughout the target zone to deliver the ozone gas to the contaminated soil or groundwater. Automatic solenoid valves may be used to cycle the injection of gas through the sparge wells and to automate the process. This may also be performed manually using standard ball valves. The gas injection rate and pressure must be determined for each site. Typically, the injection gas flow rate is kept low to minimize the potential for mobilization of contaminants. This also eliminates the need for a vapor extraction system.

TechKnow is an interactive database that is available over the Internet. The database, which is moderated by US DOE and US EPA, is a springboard for people interested in Environmentally Sustainable technologies. They recently highlighted and reviewed the Oxidation Systems Pulsed Ozone Sparging process. Click on the following link for their comments.

If you have any questions regarding this new technology, contact our technical services department at (508) 298-4787.



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