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Persulfate Soil Oxidant Demand Test Kit – PSOD-5

The Oxidation Systems Soil Oxidant Demand (SOD) test kit for persulfate is a simple to use tool that measures the oxidant demand exerted by reduced organic and inorganic soil constituents over a 48 hour period. The PSOD-5 Test Kit includes all reagents and materials necessary to conduct 5 SOD tests for persulfate. Purchase the PSOD Starter-Kit for all of the required equipment and accessories. This measurement is intended to rapidly determine the applicability of in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) with persulfate to provide preliminary design and cost information.

The PSOD-5 includes the following:

  • 25 reaction tubes
  • 25 clear 19 ml “viewing tubes”
  • Test tube rack
  • 20-mil syringe
  • 10-ml syringe w/ 5 filter cartridges (0.45 μ)

  • Oxidant/reagents
  • Color comparator chart
  • Manual, calculation worksheet, MSDS


In-situ chemical oxidation using persulfate is an established remediation technology for the treatment of chlorinated solvents such as tetrachloroethene (PCE) and trichloroethene (TCE), VOCs, SVOCs, and petroleum hydrocarbons. The soil oxidant demand, also known as natural oxidant demand, has been determined by USEPA to be the most important criteria in the overall success of an ISCO remedy. Oxidation Systems designed this simple to use and very effective SOD test to provide a screening level measurement of this important parameter.

SOD testing results are reported in units of g/kg (g of persulfate consumed per kg of soil). Although this test is qualitative in nature, the results can be used alone or in combination with site characterization data to estimate the quantity of sodium persulfate required to remediate a given contaminated aquifer. This simple and inexpensive SOD test is a good screening level tool that can provide a “go / no-go” decision to aid remediation designers and stake-holders who are considering ISCO for a particular site.



 PSOD-5 Test Kit Persulfate

PSOD-5 Test Kit

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