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The Oxidation Systems Soil Oxidant Demand (SOD) test kit is a simple to use tool that measures the permanganate oxidant demand exerted by reduced organic and inorganic soil constituents over a 48 hour period. These test kit include everything needed to conduct SOD tests for permanganate. No need to ship samples to a laboratory or wait for the results. This measurement is intended to rapidly determine the applicability of in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) with permanganate to provide preliminary design and cost information.

SOD Starter Kit
The SOD starter kit has everything needed to conduct 10 SOD tests. Includes two SOD-5 test kits plus digital scale to weigh soil, mixing spoon, CD with sample report and calculation spreadsheet. Each test provides five oxidant demand ranges to evaluate permanganate reactivity with the soil and groundwater matrix.

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SOD-5 Test Kit
The SOD-5 package has everything needed to conduct 5 tests. Includes oxidant/reagent for 5 tests, 10-ml syringe, 25 0.45 um filters, 25 reagent tubes, 25 test tubes, test tube holder, MSDS, instruction manual.

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SOD-25 Test Kit
The SOD-25 package has everything needed to conduct 25 tests. Includes oxidant/reagent for 25 tests, 10-ml syringe, 125 0.45 um filters, 125 reagent tubes, 125 test tubes, test tube holder, MSDS, instruction manual.
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Rugged digital scale to provide accurate measurement of 50 gram soil samples required for SOD testing. Measures up to 200 grams with a 0.1 gram precision. Includes AC power cord.

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Field Record for Oxidant Demand Study - Field data form to record pertinent information related to collecting soil and groundwater samples.
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Soil Oxidant Demand Worksheet - Use this form to record data during Soil Oxidant Demand testing and to calculate oxidant demand.
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Sample Collection and Handling Protocol - Detailed guidance on how to collect representative samples for SOD testing, preservation methods, and hold time. Data sheet download button


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