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In-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) is an established remediation technology for the treatment of chlorinated solvents, such as tetrachloroethene (PCE) and trichloroethene (TCE), VOCs, SVOCs, and petroleum hydrocarbons. The soil oxidant demand, also known as natural oxidant demand, has been determined by USEPA to be the most important criteria in the overall success of an ISCO remedy.

Soil Oxidant Demand testing, or SOD, can be used to estimate the amount of oxidant consumed during in-situ chemical oxidation applications. Oxidation Systems has developed two simple to use field tests to determine the amount of permanganate and persulfate consumed by reactions with the soil matrix over time. These tests provides an evaluation of the feasiblity of using ISCO to remediate soil and groundwater. The SOD of site groundwater and soil is a critical parameter in the design and selection of an ISCO remedy because it is the basis for determining the amount (and hence cost) of oxidant that will be required to satisfy the oxidant demand of an aquifer. Our SOD test kit offers significant cost savings and time advantages over conventional laboratory based oxidant demand tests. Oxidation Systems also offers laboratory based SOD testing to supplement the results provided by these test kits.


SOD testing results are reported in units of g/kg (grams of oxidant consumed per kilogram of soil). These results can be used alone or in combination with additional site characterization data to estimate the quantity of potassium permanganate or sodium persulfate required to remediate a given contaminated aquifer. This simple and inexpensive SOD test is a good tool that can provide a “go / no-go” decision and accurate cost estimates to aid remediation designers and stake-holders who are considering ISCO for a particular site.

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