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Oxidation Systems has a substantial inventory of rental equipment. We have skid-mounted and trailer-mounted systems that include everything necessary to produce ozone gas. Oxidation Systems has a large inventory of rental ozone sequipment available for pilot tests, short-term remedial actions, or site cleanup projects. These systems can ship immediately for your pilot study, short-term remediation project, or other applications.

Trailer-Mounted Ozone Systems

Our trailer-mounted ozone systems are designed for ease of use and rapid installation. All of our rental equipment includes an electrical disconnect so that requires only a single connection for electrical power. Similarly, the manifolds are built with Swagelok compression fittings so that tubing can be connected quickly with leak-proof tightness. A typical installation requires one hour (connecting power and ozone tubing).

Pulse Ozone Sparge Trailer
Our 3.5 lb/day ozone pulse sparge system is trailer-mounted and includes a rotary screw air compressor, oxygen concentrator, high-concentration ozone generator, ozone pulse tank, and eight automatic solenoid valves. This system is controlled by a PLC with a graphic operator interface panel. The pulse ozone sparge trailer requires a 230 Volt, 60 Amp power supply.

Pilot Test Ozone Sparge Trailer
Our ozone pulse pilot test trailer has been designed to conduct pilot studies and short-term remedial actions. The trailer is small, measuring only 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. This unit includes an oxygen concentrator, a 1.5 lb/day high-concentration ozone generator, an ozone pulse tank, and six automatic solenoid valves. This system is controlled by a PLC with a graphic operator interface panel and requires a 110 Volt, 30 Amp power supply - including small generators.

We have other rental equipment available, including skid and trailer mounted systems.  Contact us to discuss your project today.




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