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In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) is an innovative technology that has been used to treat a wide variety of contaminants. The primary oxidants that have been used successfully include hydrogen peroxide, Fentonís reagent, potassium and sodium permanganate, sodium persulfate, and ozone. The viability of applying ISCO at a particular site is largely dependent on the Soil Oxidant Demand. SOD is the oxidant consumed by both organic and inorganic component of the soil aquifer matrix.

Oxidation Systems has developed an accurate and reliable test for measuring the soil oxidant demand. Our soil oxidant demand test is a quantitative measurement of the amount of oxidizer that is required to satisfy the oxidant demand of the soil matrix. We can perform soil oxidant demand tests for either a single oxidizer or the full suite -  hydrogen peroxide, Fentonís reagent, potassium and sodium permanganate, sodium persulfate, or ozone. Test results are typically available in 48 hours. We can also provide cost estimates for full-scale implementation of ISCO based on the results of Soil Oxidant Demand testing.

Natural oxidant demand refers to the consumption of an oxidant due to reactions that are unrelated to degradation of the contaminants of concern (COC). A NOD measurement is a direct estimate of the oxidant consumption by organic and inorganic components in the matrix (soil or water). Natural organic matter has a high oxidant demand and, therefore, can be important when estimating the required chemical dosage. For highly organic soils, chemical oxidation may not be an economically feasible technology.

Soil oxidant demand varies with soil type. Due to the wide variety of matrix properties that exert an oxidant demand, it is difficult to determine the soil oxidant demand based on laboratory analysis of such parameters as total organic carbon, metals, COD, and BOD. In addition, each oxidizer reacts differently with different soils. It is, therefore, essential to conduct site-specific testing to determine the soil oxidant demand for a particular site.



 Soil oxidant demand
                      testing being conducted by Oxidation Systems

Soil testing in process at our facility.

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