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Oxidation Systemsí in-house laboratory provides sophisticated chemical oxidationOzone treatability
                          studies treatability studies that are invaluable in designing and implementing effective remedial solutions. Drawing upon our extensive experience in remediation process operations, we conduct laboratory-scale studies of chemical oxidation technologies in a controlled setting that simulate actual conditions at a site. This testing process dramatically increases the potential for success when in-situ chemical oxidation is applied on a large scale in the field.


Oxidation Systems conducts a wide variety of site-specific treatability studies. Such laboratory-scale tests are valuable for evaluating the projected effectiveness of chemical oxidation and for developing better ways to meet regulatory requirements in the most cost-effective manner. In some cases, these treatability studies have been instrumental in expediting regulatory approval for full-scale remediation programs to be implemented on site.

Our scientists can evaluate the results of the treatability study to design a full-scale chemical oxidation system and estimate the time required to achieve cleanup standards. We can also help develop site-specific cleanup goals based on actual field conditions rather than relying on what may be overly conservative regulatory standards. This approach enables the implementation of appropriate and cost-effective cleanup plans.

Our specialized laboratory facilities and scientific staff play an important role in keeping Oxidation Systems in the forefront of environmental remediation. We continually test innovative treatment technologies and extend our laboratory capabilities to support ongoing field investigations and remediation.




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